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Terms & Conditions
  • Use of the RMS web site and related online services, including but not limited to auditing functions and email notifications, is restricted by access rights granted to each user.
  • Your login and its associated rights are non-transferable and as a program participant, you are responsible for all activity under your account.
  • Access to RMS via programmatic, scripted, or any other automated means is prohibited unless otherwise agreed to in advance by PRI Registrar in writing.
Safeguarding Data:
  • As a PRI Registrar subscriber, supplier, or other program participant, you may use RMS and any information available within only for activities directly supporting or advancing the PRI Registrar certification program.
Your Personal Information:
  • Your personal data is retained only as needed to execute certification activities.  Users affiliated in RMS with any company having audit activity will have their personal data retained per PRI Registrar guidelines but pseudonymized after 7 years have elapsed since the last audit-related activity.  Users unaffiliated with any company having audit or subscription activity will have their accounts made inactive and data pseudonymized after 2 years have elapsed since the last login to RMS. 
  • As a registered user of RMS, you understand that you will receive automated email messages related to audit activities and emails outlining important certification related changes and/or information. Because the dissemination of this information may be required per program guidelines and is not intended for marketing purposes, the ability to "opt out" from these communications is not available.
  • PRI Registrar may contact you with information about activities that directly relate to PRI Registrar certification, such as standards or industry updates.  To opt-out of receiving this information, please contact
  • You will promptly report any known or suspected violation, by yourself or any other persons, of these Terms and Conditions to
  • PRI Registrar reserves the right to respond to violations in the manner it sees fit, to best steward and safeguard certification program data, including suspending accounts without notice and pursuing legal actions.

For additional information about PRI Registrar’s commitment to protecting data, please review the PRI Privacy Statement.